• Duration: 5 days

Gained Skills

  1. Identifying various types of bearings
  2. Identifying the difference between the journal bearings and the antifriction bearings
  3. Explaining the bearing loads
  4. Identifying the function of each type
  5. Reading out the main bearing symbols
  6. Defining the bearing fits and examples of selection
  7. Explaining the bearing assembly considerations such cleaning, shaft and housing geometry, reviewing the fit dimensions, heating temperature and suitable used tools for each bearing type
  8. Explaining the various methods of mounting and dismounting of bearings types with examples
  9. Describing the bearing selection criteria
  10. Presenting the lubrication importance and its methods
  11. Give a brief to the bearing failure
  12. Introducing cases studies for each activity or cleverness
  13. Showing films for some cleverness subjects
  14. Applied cases in the field if it is available